Why Climb?

All of our classes are delivered on the Synergy Power Tower, by Synergy Air!

Elevate Your Experience

How Effective?

The Tower is a revolutionary machine, found nowhere else, that will improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness.  Improve strength by performing dead lifts, squats, shoulder press and bent over rows.  Engage your upper body and lower body together for maximum results!  No other group fitness class rivals to the quality and versatility that is Climb Society.

The Science

Our Synergy Power Tower has a coupling air displacement dynamic with a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). Air, like water, is fluid and what makes fluid dynamics unique between power output and speed which is very different to what you experience when working against frictional resistance experienced when running on a treadmill, or training on an exercise bike, or elliptical cross trainer.

The Workout

Our state-of-the-art studio, accompanied with the Synergy Power Tower and amazing coaches, delivers a workout unlike anything you have ever experienced.   Because of the resistance the Synergy Power Tower will have you burning 8 times the calories you would in any other group fitness class!