Tower Classes

Experience a revolutionary machine that enables the user to strength train with high levels of resistance and the ability to switch to a full body, low impact cardiovascular workout. Our classes will help improve the state of your health while being easy on the knees and ankles. The Synergy Power Tower helps you burn more calories, increase anaerobic power, improve stamina, increase muscle tone and strength, and promote coordination and agility.

Elevate Your Workout

Fast & Fierce

Our innovative and inspiring instructors will motivate and encourage you to reach your peak level of cardiovascular fitness. Fast and Fierce guarantees a high energy, calorie torching, kick a$$ workout!


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a time driven anaerobic blast to push you past your limits! Get in, Get out, Get fit.


The best of both worlds! Experience an elevated calorie burn utilizing high intensity cardio training combined with strength. Build lean muscle mass to keep your body performing at its peak!


This circuit training class is a series of exercises performed in rotation with minimal rest. You will travel from Tower to Tower working every muscle group and having fun in the process! Get ready to improve your muscular strength, endurance and maximize results!


Tower Tabata is a dynamite, full body workout designed around 8 rounds of short bursts of high intense work. This class will improve endurance and creates an “after burn” so you feel the effects in and after class. Find your own inner strength and experience the power of interval training at its best.


Come join the “SOUL Climb” party where you WORK HARD but PLAY HARDER!  All fitness levels will have fun, work, create power, synergy, and connectivity that produces an explosive calorie burn. This is more than just a climb workout. It’s an ultimate, Zumba fusion, rhythm based fitness experience.