Formulated by PhDs. Trusted by Olympians.

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Climb Society Is Now A Licensed Distributor For Prestige Labs Supplements!

We had to attend numerous trainings and obtain 7 different certifications in order to be permitted to sell this line. After over a year of being on the waiting list, we were finally selected to represent this amazing brand and offer it to our members at a reduced rate of 40% off! We are excited to bring Prestige Labs to our studio and share the benefits of this truly unique product.

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What Makes Prestige Labs Supplements So Great?

This is the only supplement line in the world that is PhD formulated and approved. They are GMP certified, contain no fillers, manufactured in the same facility as Whole Foods products and have never failed an inspection. The supplements are tested for purity at every stage of production.

Prestige Labs Origin: Formulated By The Best PhD In The World – Dr. Kashey.

• Dr. Kashey received his PhD in Biochemistry at age 20 (youngest in the U.S.)

• Received a Bachelors degree in Chemistry at age 17

• Finished High School at age 15

• World record breaker in Strongman

• Olympic advisor for wrestling and lifting teams

• Tested over 3,000 ingredients to formulate the best possible line of supplements

• Trusted by Physicians

• Used by professional athletes and Olympians

• Uncompromised – they refuse to cut corners

The Prestige line was created for one thing: Results. Each supplement has a specific purpose and they all work together synergistically to maximize your efforts and results.

Order Through Our Direct Distributor Link To Take Advantage 40% Off Regular Prices!

Have Questions About Prestige Labs Supplements?

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