Elevate Your Society


Experience our state of the art, nitrogen free chamber for your treatment.  We offer an oxygen enriched environment for the most effective whole-body cooling. Some of the benefits include pain relief and muscle healing, weight loss, reduced inflammation, increased cell rejuvenation, improved skin tone and reduces the signs of aging.

The Tower Workout

Experience a revolutionary machine that enables the user to strength train with high levels of resistance and the ability to switch to a full body, low impact cardiovascular workout. Improves the state of your health while being easy on the knees and ankles. The Synergy Power Tower helps you burn more calories, increase anaerobic power, improve stamina, increase muscle tone and strength, and promote coordination and agility.

Inspiring Classes

Our certified and energetic coaches deliver a high energy, low impact workout that will have you burning calories and torching fat!  All of our classes are perfect for all fitness levels.